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ALEAS Board is a virtual workspace for agile planning, a smart whiteboard for team collaboration, the perfect application for agile retrospectives and much more. As simple as a paper board, but available anytime and anywhere. Due to the flexible design, the possibilities are virtually infinite.

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Your Advantages at a Glance

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Intuitive operability for new users, start working right away
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All relevant information in one place, accessible at any time
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Unlimited design options for every board
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The ideal tool for the implementation of the STAGILE® method
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Project boards are set up and customized in a flash
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The turbo for successful, agile meetings
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Only one license with all features and functions
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IntelliFrames: Smart templates

  • Our IntelliFrames are special templates, which are automatically created based on various customizable parameters. 
  • Currently there are three IntelliFrames available:  Sprint and Masterplan, agenda and spreadsheetThey can be found in the IntelliFrame library, which we will be growing continuously.
  • Sticky Binding: All stickies are anchored to their current position on the IntelliFrame and will automatically be moved if you modify a row or column. 

IntelliSticky with extra functions

  • Our sticky notes are not just digital notepads, they can do a lot more. That’s why they are called IntelliStickies.
  • They offer the same flexibility as their paper counterparts and can be „pasted“ and labeled in no time.
  • Additional information and links can easily be added. With the HTML editor you can attach images and detailed descriptions.
  • Four different status options are available: Open, Done, Waiting for and Cancelled.
  • You can also add a Due Date or Story Points to a sticky.

Agile Planning for Distributed Teams

  • Available around the clock worldwide: The ALEAS Board is the perfect solution for remote teams and enables simple, productive teamwork despite time or space distances.
  • Multiple users can work at the same time, changes can be made in real time. Thus, the current status of the project is always visible and adaptable for everyone.
  • As a customer, you can choose between a ALEAS hosted cloud or an on-premises solution.

Many Fields of Application

  • The ALEAS Board is suitable for every industry, every team and every employee, for example for the implementation of agile frameworks, for software and product development, organization and team management, brainstorming sessions and much more.
  • Due to the flexible design of the templates, the application possibilities are virtually infinite. Users can import their own templates, create new templates within the board or use one of the many templates provided by ALEAS.

ALEAS Board Benefits

The Fastest

  • Quick and intuitive setup: Create a new project board in a flash, which can be flexibly and completely customized to the individual needs of the team.
  • Easy customization with IntelliFrames: The “Sticky Binding” function enables quick changes to the board structure without compromising clarity, as the correct position of the stickies is retained even when changes are made to the template.
  • Extensive professional template library: Professionally created templates from our comprehensive collection make it possible to customize project and team boards for almost any application. This means that any board can be configured in just a few minutes.

Minimal effort for the Project Manager, the Scrum Master and the whole team.

The Clearest

  • Consistency and clarity thanks to standardized stickies: Ensures improved readability and a clear board layout, regardless of the complexity of the projects.
  • Clear assignment of tasks: Each sticky is clearly assigned to a responsible person, recognizable by a short sign and a coloured bar that marks the area of responsibility.
  • Detailed views without constant zooming: One click enlarges the stickies for a detailed view of all relevant information (including Jira info) and minimizes the need for constant zooming in and out.
  • Centralized task viewMy Tasks”: All personal tasks from different boards are summarized in one view, allowing quick access and easy editing without having to switch between boards.

Every project member knows what to do at all times.

The Most Agile

  • Speed up your SCRUM meetings: All relevant stickies can be identified at a glance, saving valuable time by eliminating the need for cumbersome filtering and sorting. The presentation and SCRUM mode allows the moderator to take over the board for all participants with one click, eliminating time-consuming screen splitting.
  • Automated metrics and reporting: Key project metrics such as the burn-down ratio and story points can be calculated with just one click, making it easy to keep track of the project progress at all times.
  • One-click documentation and version management: Backup versions of the board can be created with just a few clicks, which can be used for reviews or comparison at any time. This also eliminates the need for tedious meeting minutes.

Accelerated meetings, no unnecessary overhead.

All Inclusive

  • Bi-directional Jira synchronization: ALEAS Board offers an advanced, seamless Jira integration that supports real-time updates in both directions.
  • Maximum flexibility in data hosting: Flexibility in data management with options for on-premise, cloud or dedicated cloud solutions to suit your company’s IT strategy.
  • All features included, even with new releases
  • No restrictions: Unlimited users, unlimited boards, board versioning, documentation, pdf export, …

Fair – all features at the same price, no surprises.

Direct Support

  • Direct contact: Personal feedback from experts, quick and competent answers and support.
  • Consideration of customer feedback: Integration of customer requests into the release planning.
  • Technical support: Connection of third-party systems, support for on-premise variants
  • Regular training courses and webinars

Personal contacts and quick feedback

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