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Bird View

Quickly navigate around the board with the Bird View feature (open minimap with the button in the lower left corner of the board). Simply click on the template preview in the minimap to jump to the respective board section. With the resize button (default zoom) you have a view of the complete board.


The board admin can save „frames“ (snapshots), which is especially useful for Scrum meetings. Navigate to the board section you want to save and click on the „Create Frame“ button. The frame will be outlined by a red border. All board members can then use the frames to navigate around the board. The most important frame can be marked as „favorite“ by the board admin (star butten, will be marked with a yellow star) and will then be set as default view when opening the board.

In the Bird View section you can also find the zoom buttons (zoom in/zoom out) and the sensitivity settings.

By holding down the left mouse button you can draw up a field in the Bird View in order to navigate to this area with the respective zoom factor.