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Presentation Mode

  • Ideal for remote teams
  • Allows smooth and efficient team meetings
  • Changes are visible to everyone in realtime
  • Reduced bandwith usage in comparison to other tools
  • Easy activation and de-activation


Once you activate the Presentation Mode in the Tool Bar, the pointer will appear. The color and labeling will change according to the user who last moved/clicked on the pointer (presenter). In addition, a red status dot in the filter bar will indicate if you are currently the presenter. The green status dot showing a small „play“ symbol indicates which other team members have activated Presentation Mode too.

By taking over the presenter (move/click on pointer or on the hand button in the Scrum Clock bar) you can control the screen of all users who have activated the Presentation Mode, thus guiding them around the board. The movement of the pointer and sticky notes moved by the presenter is displayed for all users. When the presenter opens the Description Editor it is visible for all viewers (read-only). When the presenter edits sticky text, it is visible for every user in real-time (live transmission).

For better visibility stickies selected by the presenter are marked with a golden shading.

Ideally, you should connect to your colleagues over the phone/Skype/Microsoft Teams at the same time. As you explain everything, you can use the Presentation Mode to enlarge the corresponding part of the ALEAS Board, change the status of your stickies, add new tasks, etc. – all visible for your team members in realtime.

Scrum Clock

Whenever a user activates the Presentation Mode the Scrum Clock appears below the Filter Bar. It has been specifically designed for Scrum meetings, to keep track of the speaking time allowed per person. Please note, that every board member can always change the settings, not only the active presenter.

The presenter button (hand icon) attached to the Scrum Clock allows you to take over the presenter with just a click.

The Scrum Clock continues to count even if the defined time limit is exceeded (negative counter).


The Lens is also part of Presentation Mode. This means that once you have activated Presentation Mode, you can simply click on a sticky and the presenter will automatically jump to the new position. At the same time this sticky will be magnified in the Lens, visible for every participating team member. Thus everybody can easily follow along, without having to constantly zoom in or out.